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  1. Capone
    I have 3.4 supercharger on it and would like a hood with a hood scoop for my truck but I have no luck finding one anybody have any ideas
    1. Capone
      I purchased A hood for my 1998 Toyota extended cab pick up Pat forgot and can't remember where I got one from
      Jul 10, 2017
  2. Capone
    Looking for a fiberglass hood with hood scoop for my 2004 Toyota Tacoma crew cab pick up
    Looking for a solution!
  4. Nick Hansen
    Nick Hansen
    '07 Toyota Tacoma Base 4x4 - RED
  5. Nick Hansen
    Nick Hansen
    '07 Toyota Tacoma Base - Res
  6. Bojangles
    Status que: jangly
  7. Murderoutaco
    Need advise on a new/bigger tire setup on my 2012 trd sr5 with stock lift I believe the truck has the TRD nitrogen shocks In rear
    1. OR17TRD
      Biggest you will be able to fit on stock is 265/75/16, 265/70/17, 265/65/18.
      Welcome to the forum.
      Jun 15, 2017
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    2. Murderoutaco
      thanks I might get a 3 inch lift and go wit a 285/75/16
      Jul 2, 2017
  8. kingofthetaco
    2012 Taco Double Cab Long Bed Sport
  9. Lester 97
    Lester 97
    One owner, I think...
  10. Eric Frisbie
    Eric Frisbie
    I have new duralast front brake pads and Rotors for a '05 Tacoma Prerunmer, 6Cyl, 4WD, Auto for sale,Weather Tech Rear Mud Flaps 4 Sale
  11. Stephen Peters
    Stephen Peters
    I am the second owner of a 2005 pre-runner Tacoma V-6
  12. Casey D.Cantrell
    Casey D.Cantrell
    Alive today because of Jesus Christ, my seat belt and the maker's of an extremely well built 2002 Toyota Tacoma!
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  13. FrankJake
    2017 TRD OR DC SB
  14. Carl Story
    Carl Story
    2017 Tacoma TRD Sport 2WD
  15. SomeDirtyCuban
    Where the Las Vegas owners at?
  16. SomeDirtyCuban
    New to the game I've had my taco for bout 8 months now and I love it. Looking to meet and hang with other taco enthusiasts.
  17. EricHugg
    2016 TRD Off-Road
  18. David Saulten
    David Saulten
    2nd Toyota - First Tacoma 2017 TRD Sport
  19. Mr tee
    Mr tee
    2016 Tacoma xp
  20. Doc Signals
    Doc Signals
    1. Doc Signals
      Doc Signals
      @016 Tacoma TRD Sport
      Mar 15, 2017