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  1. YotaYoda
    Do or Do Not get Stuck. There is No Try.
  2. Matt Lizen
    Matt Lizen
    2017 Tacoma TRD Off-Road
  3. wildtalk
    First Toyota Tocoma 2013
    1. OR17TRD
      Welcome to the forum. What’s on the cover?
      Oct 6, 2017
  4. AZNoah13
    2014 Tacoma 4x4. I got the front end leveled 2 inches. I want to avoid rubbing. Would a 265/70 17 fit and not rub?
    1. OR17TRD
      Yes, you’ll be fine with that size. Welcome to the forum. Post some pictures out there.
      Oct 6, 2017
  5. 2012taco
    2012 Tacoma trd sport 3" lift with fox shocks looking for trd hood hash Marc red and silver
  6. Atomic Diesel
    Atomic Diesel
    First Time Toyota Owner
  7. Burke
    Burke wadewhitfield
    Looking 17x9, 6x5.5, 0 offset wheels. Anyone happens to be selling out.For 2012 tacoma trd sport
    1. OR17TRD
      Maybe try Craigslist and post in the classifieds here.
      Oct 6, 2017
  8. davemac1812
    davemac1812 bchurch
    What kind of fender flares do you have on your 4 runner? I am looking for some for my 17 Tacoma but I want to keep my mud guards. I see you did this. Thanks.
  9. davemac1812
  10. Anthony V.
    Anthony V.
    Looking for the best 6in lift kit for around 1500. Currently have a 3in lift looking for a an upgrade. Any suggestions
  11. Anthony V.
    Anthony V.
    2007 Tacoma
  12. Mark
    Anyone convert 12 volt cigarette lighter sources so power is available when key is in off position
  13. wigoda
    Very happy owner of a Toyota Tacoma
  14. Jan Koehler
    Jan Koehler
    Looking for video how to replace 2 license tag lights on 2002 Toyota Taco. Love my Taco!
  15. Jan Koehler
  16. Rob Jardine
    Rob Jardine
    or is this a 2016 lemon and to get rid of it?
  17. Rob Jardine
    Rob Jardine
    Can Anyone please confirm the fuel pump causes the chirp or
  18. Rob Jardine
    Rob Jardine
    I'm about to get rid of this truck since Toyota won't help and says this chirping BS noise is normal, it's embarrassing and pathetic...
  19. Rob Jardine
    Rob Jardine
    Certain fuel types make it muffled but not making it totally go away... can anyone say for certain if "The Chirp" is or isn't the problem???
  20. Rob Jardine
    Rob Jardine
    Again some said replacing the pump was the problem and that it fixed it, while others say it didn't fix anything. I have also noticed