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    rough idle

    I have a 2.7 3rz in a 2002 tacoma with a 5 speed. noticed that when sitting at idle after driving, when rpms drop to about 800 the whole truck gets a vibration, but when you barely hit the gas it stops, and when you let off it does it again. Any thoughts on what could cause that, and how to fix it?
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    Hydraulic steering fluid leaking

    I have an 02 Taco. 2.7 liter 3rz 5 speed manual and it’s leaking hydraulic steering fluid. The leak appears to be at the rack and pinion seal. Anyone had this issue, and if so how hard to replace?
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    Wheel backspacing

    Wanting to get new wheels for an 02 taco. I read that the wrong backspacing will have the wheel rub on the caliper. I was wanting to do 4.5” back spacing and run a 16 by 8 inch wheel. Will this work without rubbing on the caliper?
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    I’ve read that could be a possible cause. Did you have to use a shop press to replace that?
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    Hello, I have an 02 Tacoma that I just recently bought. The truck is a 5-speed manual and it seems to have a problem. Anytime you start to slow down and hit the brakes decently hard from anywhere above ~40 mph the truck makes a clunk/rattle that is pretty significant and it seems to be coming...