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    Check engine light

    Thanks for the suggestions. I will go to work on it and try to find out what is going on.
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    Check engine light

    I have an '03 Prerunner Crewcab. The check engine light comes on ever time the fuel level gets below 1/2 tank. If I reset the light and keep the fuel above 1/2 tank it stays off. The parts store checked the program and thought it was the gas cap, so I got a new one and it still does the same...
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    Gen 1 Headers

    I am getting ready to install OBX Racing long tube headers on my 03' 3.4 v-6. It looks like they will eliminate the first cat. Will i have a problem with the "check engine light" by running only one cat? Can I replace the cat that remains with one from a system that only uses a single cat...