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  1. fishnwiz

    Glovebox inserts

    Did this today
  2. fishnwiz

    Weather, such a mix

    Been in the 60’s most of week, tornados, hail, flash flooding rain yesterday. Freezing rain then snow here today, back close to 70 degrees Monday. Happy my truck was under carport in hail but can’t get out today because of the freezing rain.
  3. fishnwiz

    Rear bumper blackout

    Anyone done this? Considering it to cover the chrome ends.
  4. fishnwiz

    Free to a good home

    I have these leftover from my blackout package if anyone can use them. Not positive what they fit but I’d guess 3rd generation. 2 limited, 2 SR5 and one 4x4. SR5 are gone
  5. fishnwiz

    Exhaust tip

    I’ve noticed a lot of condensation from the exhaust keeping the back panel wet on cool morning. Seems like a potential corrosion, staining issues. Does the oem exhaust tip extend out enough to prevent this? It’s hard to tell from pics.
  6. fishnwiz

    You can get a TRD stuck

    Had to test it out
  7. fishnwiz

    GPS randomly starting

    Anyone have trouble with navigation system on the 2019? Twice mine has just popped up randomly started giving directions to home.
  8. fishnwiz

    Komfort latch

    Anybody ever find one of these that will slip onto a passenger vehicle? I’ve looked but can’t find one that can be retrofitted.