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  1. HellaNella420

    New Tacoma TRD PRO model

    Baja wheels and susp and a cool grill, paint the grill silver and i'll just buy one and put it on.
  2. HellaNella420

    New Tacoma TRD PRO model

    And heres the picture folks:
  3. HellaNella420

    2015 Tacoma image release

    I'll vouch for the 22mpg vs 20mpg thing. Last summer drove to maine, me wife and kid in my tacoma, my mom and dad in his '13 gmc sierra. He indeed got 22 and I got 20. Did the math when we filled back up. Must be the 4cyl shutting off at cruise speed. I'll keep my taco for 2mpg is no big to me.
  4. HellaNella420

    Where are the damn mods?

    Holy **** its out of control!!
  5. HellaNella420

    New Tacoma TRD PRO model

    That would like splendid on my wife lol
  6. HellaNella420

    Electric cars are a huge problem too

    Most of our power here in RI is from burning natural gas. Some coal, no hydro or nuke.
  7. HellaNella420

    Throttle body spacer is it worth it?

    Hey my old mazda 3 got 30 a gallon.
  8. HellaNella420

    Support thread

    Get well, good luck
  9. HellaNella420

    How do you access the site? App or Web Browser?

    I use the app, and it works pretty well. I just dont take my computer out all that much nowadays.
  10. HellaNella420

    2001 TRD had to go, welcome 2014

    Tax times a coming maybe maybe
  11. HellaNella420

    GMC Canyon

    Baja california IS mexico BTW:
  12. HellaNella420

    GMC Canyon

    First gen was 95-04 with a refresh in like 2000 right? Sounds pretty similar. Maybe they were waiting to see what the small GM's looked like first. Seems logical.
  13. HellaNella420

    Floor matt observation.

    Can only imagine what my rug would look like right now without my huskys. Winter's been messy so far here.
  14. HellaNella420

    Floor matt observation.

    Husky liners are a lil (i stress little) bit cheaper than weathertech, and i have no complaints. I have the weatherbeater ones fyi
  15. HellaNella420

    Driver's side headlight

    Second this.
  16. HellaNella420

    FJ Cruiser to be Discontinued

    Saw an old fj40 for sale right around the way from me a few days ago.
  17. HellaNella420

    Your website needs some SEO

    Dont know where this clowns looking b/c it came up 3rd right behind TW. And here's the proof:
  18. HellaNella420

    What kind of watch do you wear?