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  1. jdr3366

    Do you say pickup or truck ???

    I hate to admit how often a say "car." My Taco is the first truck I've owned. So, I have 50 years of experience to live down.
  2. jdr3366

    Toyota Tacoma Diesel Coming Soon ???

    Here we go. I remember when regular leaded gas was 35 cents a gallon. 29 cents when there was a gas war. Beat that.
  3. jdr3366

    Whistling through my Taco

    I have AC on all the time. I'll try without Supercharger is fine. Had dealer check it.
  4. jdr3366

    Whistling through my Taco

    I have a 17 TRD auto 95,000 miles. There is an occasional whistling sound coming from the engine (I think) when I accelerate between 30 and 45 mph. It only lasts for about 5 seconds. Not every time I accelerate, and it can go away for a month and then come back. Ghosts? Help.
  5. jdr3366

    New From High Point, US

    HI, Tell us something about your truck. Pics??
  6. jdr3366

    Best Tires

    I’m on my second set. About 40,000 mile per set. But I change tires as soon as they hit 3/32 tread.
  7. jdr3366

    Best Tires

    Kumho Crugen
  8. jdr3366

    Gas saving devices

  9. jdr3366

    Love my 2017 Tacoma!

    Wait a minute! That's my truck! Welcome
  10. jdr3366

    CB antenna tonneau cover bracket fab + clean install

    Really nice job. One reason I haven't gotten a CB radio is the lack of satisfactory (for me) places to stick the antenna. You solved that problem. Probably requires more metal work and wiring skill than I have to do the job right, but I'll study your pictures a bit and walk around my truck one...
  11. jdr3366

    Questions on buying a used taco

    I'm very happy with my 2017 TRD Sport 4 door automatic 6 cylinder at 90,000 miles. That includes 3 round trips from Asheville to Southern California. The bottom line for me is that I have confidence in making these long trips and plan to make more of them. Gas mileage ranges from 18 to just...
  12. jdr3366

    Wait! I'm the original Taco Man!! HOW DARE YOU!

    Wait! I'm the original Taco Man!! HOW DARE YOU!
  13. jdr3366

    Seat comfort

    Can't compare, but I have a 2017 Tacoma Sport. I added 2 inch lifters to the rear legs. I drive from Asheville to California every few months. I can sit in the driver's seat 4 hours with no cramps and a comfy butt. I could go longer, but my bladder can't.
  14. jdr3366

    Broken screen replacement for Premium 7" screen

    Are you saying you watch television in the car while you're driving? You're kidding, right? Right? Right! :( Where do you live so I can avoid you! :eek:
  15. jdr3366

    Broken screen replacement for Premium 7" screen

    My recommendation. 113DNX997X Kenwood Excelon DNX997XR Navigation Receiver 003TOY9714 AI TOYK9714 Toyota Kit 2016-up Tacoma, all trims, I/DD 794ADSMRR iDatalink Maestro ADS-MRR Universal Radio Replacement %26 SWI...
  16. jdr3366

    What do you guys think of this conversion

    So, you were livin' the good life.
  17. jdr3366

    removing the engine

    Sorry about the delay. I have to send the receipt to my son-in-law. He says that based on my description, which may not be that accurate, the engine did not have to be removed. But let's wait for his assessment. Son-in-law owns Vendetta Racing and LaFortune Motor Sports. He knows his stuff...
  18. jdr3366

    Rusting Ranger

    My retraction. Oops! my bad. Thanks