08 Tacoma 2.7 burning alot of oil


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I have a 2008 Tacoma with the 4cyl 2.7 thats burning a ton of oil, no leaks, and no smoke but probably using a qt of oil every 200 miles, seen these were known for having a bad oil ring? Any chance the catalytic converter is plugged and not helping the situation ? If not what are my options ?
I would say either the piston rings need replacement or might be a simple idler issue. Check if you have a high rev during idle before opening the engine
Check your pvc valve if plugged. Other than that it's likely either the valve guides, piston rings or head gasket. The cat can end up plugged if the engine burns enough oil over time.
Oil has to be going some place...does the oil, or the coolant look like a milkshake? I've seen where those cats run so hot, the oil if passing the rings, or valve guide seals will burn clean with little, or no smoke....you'll only see it on startup.
Doubtful if the CAT is plugged. The engine would run extremely rough, if at all.

I do think something is a bit wonky here. A quart every 200 miles and unable to find the leak....... At that loss rate, the evidence would be fairly easy to find.

What mileage is on the truck?
Oil change interval?
Oil viscosity used?
Engine upgrades?
"Friends" pulling pranks?
Loose drain plug?
Loose oil filter?
Last oil change?
Did the problem begin after the last oil change?