2000 Tacoma Fuel Pump…stuttering still?

We are a Tacoma and Tundra family. Our teen daughter was thrilled that we recently got a great deal on a 2000 Tacoma for her. We knew that it needed a new fuel pump and thankfully our teen son is a master mechanic college student with Ford and my husband is good with cars. They changed out the fuel pump today and now it starts up perfectly. They also drained out the old gas and put in new gas. However, it is still sputtering in motion. Idle is fine. My son thinks that they should clean the fuel injectors or replaced and put in a new fuel filter. Is there any other thoughts or ideas of what they should look into to resolve this issue?
If that truck has an inline fuel filter canister, they can collect water, and dirt....seen it on some toyota vehicles of that vintage. I'd replace it anyways, it's cheap enough. Fram should have them rather that buying a toyota one.
yeah, i've read the 4cyl fuel filter is not in a handy spot like the 6cyl is
I guess changing the fuel filter on a 4 banger gen1 requires you to remove the intake manifold to make the job easier. Fuel filter is underneath by the starter. You'd think whether a 4 or 6, it'd be all the same.
the oil filter on 4cyl Gen2 is at a very difficult to reach at spot underneath compared to the Gen2 six right in front of you topside