2020 blue Tacoma needed for commercial! Los Angeles, CA – Aug 25, 2021

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    First off, this is not spam or a commercial posting. Please contact me anytime for clarification.

    We secure vehicles for their use in commercials, photo shoots, and other productions.

    We are currently looking for a Voodoo Blue 2020 Toyota Tacoma for a commercial filming next week near Los Angeles! Shoots one to two days between August 24 and 26.

    Need it to be a Double Cab TRD Sport, Exterior Color: Voodoo Blue – Interior Color: Dark Gray

    Looking for stock condition.

    May consider 2019 or 2021 as long as it matches the 2020 look inside out.

    We do pay for the use of the truck and have the proper insurance in place. We can also arrange to transport, on a truck, to and from the shoot if needed.

    If you have this truck and interested, email photos & phone number to me. You can find my email on my website.

    Feel free to contact me anytime with any questions.

    Thank you!
    Mr Vintage Machine

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