2021 TRD Off Road Long Bed

A little off topic... Today the weather was nice enough to go to a friend's garage to clean up my truck. He gave me the code to both garages and said I am free to use whatever, including the vehicles parked in the garages.

I was able to get my truck reasonably clean. The pin stripes from my last trail ride didnt want to come completely out.

So whats in the garages? Bottom left is a 1991 Corvette, above that is a 1983 Porsche 911SE. On the other lift is another Corvette, below that is a 1969 Buick Skylark (my personal favorite to drive). In the other garage is yet another Corvette and a 1970's Oldsmobile rebadged as a 442. It sounds like it has a 442 in it but it is a 3xx...

You can say that in late spring if I cant go off roading in my Tacoma that I wont be bored.20211212_135912.jpg


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FINALLY! The camper shell has been installed! I ordered this back at the end of January and it arrived on Friday (3/4/22). This morning (3/7/22) I dropped my Taco off at the shop and they had it done by lunch time. It is a Ranch branded cap with carpet on the inside, win-doors with sliding insert and screens, LED lighting, and a sliding front window. The roof rack cross bars were on back order so those will go on later.20220307_121918.jpg
It has been a long time since I have posted anything about the truck. So far I have added a few things to the truck. Here are two links to videos of one of the additions to the truck: air bag levelers! The boss saw that the suspension was nearly bottomed out when the truck was loaded up and hauling a trailer, so he paid for the Firestone air bag leveling kit to be installed.

The videos are large files and I couldn't get them to post here. I'll try down scaling them later to see if they will post.

The back end of the truck going up...

The switch and pressure gauge:
I think the next item for the Taco is going to be some external lighting. I know that I would like to get some ditch lights, the CaliRaised side projecting ones look to be the ones that I like the best...so far. I am also considering either or both the light bar that goes at the bottom of the grill and one that goes above the windshield. HOWEVER...I do not want to drill holes in the truck just yet.

Is there a light bar for above the windshield that does not require drilling holes to mount it? Currently the truck has the fold away luggage rack on the roof of the cab. I am not opposed to changing this out with a different rack as long as it doesn't cost too much. But if I can keep the stock rack on the truck, that would be preferred.

I saw the Prinsu rack has the front face plate that can have a light bar installed in it. But those are a bit on the high side for pricing.

Any feed back would be appreciated.

A constructive comment for you to consider.

Air bags DO NOT increase the load capacity of the truck.

Anything you add to the truck reduces the load capacity by the weight of the item.

The weight of the shell. It is cargo weight.
Trailer tongue weight is considered as cargo weight.

I know 1100 lbs in the bed of my truck will compress the rear springs about 2 inches. I'd venture to say if you are compressing the rear more than 2 inches, then you are overloaded.
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Air bags do allowed for a safer ride when your truck is loaded. Really depends on the vehicle if their needed, or not.
I know that the truck can only carry a certain amount of weight. I got them installed to keep the rear suspension from bottoming out when I am loaded down.
I'll say again but more direct.

If you are bottoming out, then you are likely overloaded.

1100 lbs compresses my rear springs about 2 inches. Plenty of space for suspension travel. At most these trucks are at maximum load of 1000 lbs. I'm not sure if the 4 door crew cab has the 1/2 ton (1000 lb) capacity. I urge you to check your Owner's Manual for the capacity of your truck.

The 1000 lbs includes all the doodads you add to the truck such as bed shells, light bars, racks, winch, bumpers.......... Lets not forget the trailer tongue weight is also included in the 1000 lbs.