Another beach day!

is it very tasking to wheel in sand like that?
i don't have much experience in sand other than some floodplain river bed on the Iowa side of the Big Missouri River

MO River @ Little Sioux ~ 11.JPG
I live in northeast North Carolina (OBX-Outer Banks). The sand on our entire coast is soft and deep. See people stuck every year. of the time it’s tourists that do not know what they are doing. Number one tip is to air down your tires! I air mine down to 20psi.
Killin' me. The frost hasn't left the ground yet in this area.

Lately, I've been jonesing for a day splashing in a water park.....something like Schlitterbahn or Blizzard Beach.
That's so good, I wish I can spend more time outside as well with my friends and family. I found an amazing 10/10 girl here and we spent a few days on the beach as well. It was great experience if you ask me. Highly recommended, especially considering we're slowly moving towards spring-summer. Don't miss out the opportunity to be with young lady :)
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It's a nice balmy 50 some degrees here on easter sunday. I can hear the kids next door looking for their painted potatoes....gooverment doesn't want us to use real easter eggs anymore.
Near record high of 80 here in the middle cornfields
Everything covered in a fine layer of dirt because of drought condition

Big nasty field fire out in the sticks yesterday too
It took a farmer and his bulldozer to snuff it out
Hard to ask for a nicer day here. I heard the mowers, and blowers going on both neighbors yards. Can't believe its grass cutting season already. :(