Battery Isolation solenoid


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My 2017 Tacoma Off Road came with a towing package. Can anybody tell me if it came with a Battery Isolation Solenoid wired into the 7 prong connector to charge a battery in an RV? Thanks.
Thanks for all the replies, Al, the battery is such a pain to get to thats why I thought of a remote isolation switch, like the idea of a remote battery though, there is already a optimate lead fitted, so Ill probably go for this option, thanks to all.
Hi, I have a recently purchased R1100S, my question is regarding the battery, as I have to work away, and my garage has no power my bikes are often left for months at a time. On my other bikes I normally disconnect the batteries, obviously on the BMW this isnt really an option so I have thought of putting an isolation switch on the battery, has anyone done this? if so what switch did you use, and where did you find the best place to mount it? Any advice much appreciated, thanks. John.