Bubbles coming from coolant

Discussion in '1995 - 2004 Toyota Tacoma' started by Ben B, Sep 17, 2022.

  1. Ben B

    Ben B Member

    Hello everyone, post #1 for me.

    I have coolant bubbling when I throttle my Tacoma. Radiator cap is off, coolant is cold, but when I rev up the motor a bit, bubbles come up to the surface of my radiator. Is this a head gasket issue? Has anyone else experienced this and just left it alone? The truck seems to run fine, but if I need a head gasket I'd rather not wait for a catastrophic failure.

    1996 Tacoma 2.4L

    Thanks everyone!
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  3. JayQQ97

    JayQQ97 Well-Known Member

    what does the engine oil look like? any signs of coolant and oil mixing
    are you using the Toyota pink coolant or some other brand
    when is the last time you changed the old for new coolant
  4. OP
    Ben B

    Ben B Member

    This is a new junk yard engine, so the oil and coolant is brand new. The old motor overheated and cracked the head. I think the thermostat stuck closed. I thought maybe the radiator was clogged, but I flushed it and water seems to be easily flowing through the radiator and heater core. So the bubbles have me worried because I don't know the motors history. Green coolant, prestone.
  5. JayQQ97

    JayQQ97 Well-Known Member

    i have only seen bubbles in coolant when it is boiling and the whole expansion bottle was jumping around

    maybe its coming from air in the system from not burping it?
  6. OP
    Ben B

    Ben B Member

    My buddy said he burped the system. I will re-burp it today with a no spill funnel, maybe there is still air in there. The coolant doesn't seem to flow very good with the thermostat in, so I've taken it out and my temps are really low, which proves the cooling system is not plugged.

    Thanks for the help, I've had my 96 for 18 years now. Never seen salt, no rust, but the paint is SHOT!
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  7. JayQQ97

    JayQQ97 Well-Known Member

    is it that single-stage red paint?
    how many miles on that taco before the engine overheated
  8. OP
    Ben B

    Ben B Member

    I have the white paint, probably single stage. There is no clear coat left, but I assumed that is because I got it from Florida when it was 8 years old. Of course I didn't have a garage when I was in college or as a young adult, so it's sat outside all summer. I did manage to put it in a pole barn each winter with a cement floor, so the body and frame is solid, just the paint is worn. 175,000 miles and I started having this issue. The replacement motor has 190,000.

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