? good deal on Toyota prediluted SLL coolant


MW surVivor ... MT. 279k miles
found it for $16.50 with a most generous discount off MSRP of 24$

i bot two of these from amazon 3 years ago for $49
its now nearly 70$ for equivalent 2 gal. :confused:


is this some sort of joking or jerking me?


MW surVivor ... MT. 279k miles
i am replacing the water pump and radiator on the old Corolla
and also fixing to do my relatives '11 Taco with 66k miles and NEVER changed the engine coolant EVER in almost 12 years, its still original stuff in there

would 3 gallons suffice for those tasks?


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I never replaced any coolant in any toyota i've ever owned since 78. What does the cars, or trucks manual coolant capacity list?


MW surVivor ... MT. 279k miles
Corolla radiator is a small one, just got a new one from the RockAuto, denso brand

EVERYWHERE i turn for research keeps saying and saying this coolant turns acidic and loses its rust inhibitors after awhile and can eat degrade gaskets in system eventually and all that jazz plus

a dealer coolant exchange service is 200$ local to remove it all
i would like to just do a drain and refill on the '11 Taco


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Look in the Owner's Manual for the Corolla.

It will state what type of aunty-freeze is needed and how much. Follow that and you won't go wrong. SWAGing to what is good is a path to a problem.

My '06 uses the stuff labeled WS. I did a drain & fill, it takes a little less than 2 gallons of the 50/50. Remember, its nearly impossible to completely drain the engine and heater core. Always some left behind.