Have you ever served a 30-Day Lock-Up at TacomaWorld ? And if so, why ?

I mentioned a few jokes......one guy took Umbridge ..I'm pretty sure it's a guy in the northeast sector that complained about me......serving my 2nd 30 day sentence....there won't be a third.
Whether political or personal. Stuff does not roll off their back like a duck. Being that uptight over a forum. Jeeeesh there are more important things in the world. I got a 3 day ban at a forum I’ve been a part of since 2010. Made it all the way to mod status. But after a year they realized I didn’t do jack for them. ( why should I ?! No paycheck coming my way). But point is they got uptight because of advertising dollars. Basically the adverts were telling the forum to censor it self against swear words and political correctness. When that forum first started. It was a true open forum. It’s akin to communism now. Tw is just like It. But they take it a step further and don’t even bother with warnings. Which is wrong. Even the navy gives a shot across the bow before firing upon.
Awww....geeeshhh... Can't you just walk away????

What is the gain?

TW losing members with skills and knowledge will eventually kill anything worthy on that site.

Although, TW does excel in back biting, dog piling, sheep type agreement, mythconceptions........