How change bulb in old Catz fog lights?

So, we've "inherited" a 2003 Tacoma from a relative, and it has some Catz aftermarket fog lights installed on the front bumper. One works, the other does not. I've had them off, and poked around on them, and for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to open these things up to replace the bulb.
Do they even open? Are there even replaceable bulbs in them?
I already did a lot of internet digging so as not to bother folks here with a common question.
Thank you for whatever advice you can provide.

I found some online photos in an ad for these same lights. Maybe that helps. It looks like there is a hole in the center of the backside. Does the back just pry off these things with a screwdriver in that hole?

Thank you.
catzfoglightsfront.jpg catzfoglightsback.jpg


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Hi! I think you'd better go to an auto repair shop and pay for replacing these lamps. So as the car is old, it's better not to risk doing such things yourself. And if you still turn to an auto electrician, I would advise you to find out about the possibility of using LEDs like for your car. The link is led to light bulbs for the house, but something similar happens for cars and drives the energy of your battery.
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1. Remove the bulbs
2. Unscrew the two screws holding the cover plate onto the housing
3. Remove the cover plate
4. Remove the two screws holding the housing together
5. Pull out the old bulbs
6. Replace the new bulbs
7. Screw the cover plate back on
8. Screw the housing back together
9. Reinstall the fog light assembly
10. Turn the switch on
11. Enjoy!
There are not screws holding any cover plate on. Note from the photo I showed. Theonly screws are the ones on the side
holding the light housing to the angle bracket. Once those are out, the fixture comes out of the bracket,
but there are no other screws. That little rectangular hole at the top center of the back looks like it might be meant for popping
the back open, but I don't want to just pry on it without knowing for sure.
As for taking this to a mechanic and having the fixtures replaced (other suggestion)... of course I could do that. I assure you,
I am fully capable of wiring new fixtures in there myself. I don't need a mechanic.
I just didn't want to go to the expense if it were possible to take these
apart and just replace bulbs inside them without breaking them.


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Have you called Catz to ask them????

Many times, these type of fixtures have the housing halves glued or ultrasonically welded together. In other words, it may not be possible to "open" the housing to replace the bulb without damage to the housing.