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    Just bought a 2000 tacoma - ext cab- 4x4 - 4 cyl.

    There is a 3 inch block on the rear and what looks like a 3 inch spacer up front. The rear shocks and leafs are done for. It basically looks like someone added blocks and spacers but nothing else to support the lift.

    I have an appointment for tomorrow at a suspension shop. My plan was to remove the block in the rear - and add a leaf + bilstein 5100 and leave the front as is. After more consideration I am considering knocking out the front spacers to return to stock level - but wondering what I should do to the rear ?

    I am mostly a highway and city driver, although I will drive in the bush and on cobblestone beach from time to time. I don't "need" this lift. I just want my truck to drive well, last long, and be happy.

    So I am wondering, can I knock out the spacer in the front and add a leaf to the back ? Is adding an inch or so in the back but leaving the front stock a thing that people do ? what's the ratio meant to be front to back ? Should I still use the 5100's in the back if I am simply adding a leaf and deleting the front lift ?

    I am a rookie when it comes to trucks and lifts so any help would be appreciated.

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