Manual Transmission performance

Discussion in '2024 + Toyota Tacoma' started by Kromig, Jul 22, 2022.

  1. Kromig

    Kromig New Member

    Just wrecked my 1995 Toyota Tacoma- killed my best pony! I have to buy another with the manual transmission because I can't live without it. But- there are no manual transmission 2019/2018 Toyota Tacomas out there to test drive. Can anyone give me information about how the Toyota Tacoma manual transmission performs?
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  3. 24-7

    24-7 Well-Known Member

    Ill be honest, the 6mt in the 3rd gen is not like a 6mt in a sports car. It no s2000, 350z.... etc. Shifting the gears is like rowing a boat. However it is still fun as heck. You still have all the benefits of a manual and none of the issues the 3rd gen auto has. I have 110,xxx miles on my 2016 and still on the factory clutch. I had to order mine specially just for me since even back than there were no 6mt Tacoma's to try. You will be in the 5-10 percent of Tacoma owners when you get the manual 3rd gen. Back when I was getting mine, the 6mt was $2,000 cheaper than the equally equipped auto truck.
  4. JayQQ97

    JayQQ97 Well-Known Member

    i am curious what that 6th gear knocks the RPMs down to @ 70 mph
    is there a noticed fuel savings with the 6sp vs the old 5speeds
    my 3.4 rig eats the fuel up there at those higher speeds and gets about 20mpg but when dipped down to 55mph (a bit less than 2k Rpms in 5th) it gets nearly 26mpg and 100 more miles on a full tank of taco juice
  5. lbdroidman

    lbdroidman Member

    Your mileage difference is a function of aerodynamic drag, not engine speed.
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  6. JayQQ97

    JayQQ97 Well-Known Member

    should i test that out by never throwing it into 5th gear and let it ride in 4th at whatever RPM that is at 55 to 60mph

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