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    Good day ladies and gents. Just created an account as there is little to no answer typing in the search bar for what I've been looking for. I feel as if all the tacoworld fandom came together and deleted anything unrelated to the turd make anyone looking for answers get a turd. No amount of key words and quotations ever pull up what I need. Basically as the thread topic suggests I need a walkthrough since I'm an old head who can't find a damn thing. Also as my name suggests I have a 2015 6-speed manual taco and I don't want a pedal commander or anything that seems like a band aid to an issue where I can get a somewhat permanent fix. Also, does anyone live in the Hampton Roads area in Virginia? I hate how when I want power and floor it i get, "gluuhhhh." I've already changed out my stock filter for a K&N (not the cold air just stock filter type K&N.), I replaced the breather filter for the uni and have been using the Lucas injector cleaner every fill (the add 3 ozs to every 10 gals one, not the single bottles.) Also it's crazy watching my fuel gauge move and I'm only driving local mostly freeway/highway speeds at 2k - 2.5k RPMs on 6th. My taco is used and am the 2nd owner, it has super low miles still under 30k miles that is a TRD sport pro package. Can anyone please help? One last thing; because my taco is a TRD pro, does that mean I have a short throw shifter? I can't tell as it feels different from a civic, subaru, and an old 90s taco.
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