Normal tire rotation and TPMS reprogram


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I did a search on the forum here but could not find an answer about TPMS reprogramming after a normal tire rotation. Do dealers have to reprogram the position, front to rear for example, of the TPMS sensors? If so, what is the typical charge? Does that TPMS reset button accomplish this? I was wondering because I know someone who had their tires rotated on a new Chevy and the dealer was going to charge him an outrageous amount to reprogram the sensors.
Thanks - Mike 2023 SR5


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Rotate the tires. Drive the truck. The system will find the sensors.

it may take a few miles, but it should settle in.

The "RESET" is only for setting the nominal pressure of the tire. Check your Owner's Manual for details.


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If you have a non-oem TPMS sensor, you may have problems even if it's a dual band sensor. If this is the case, you can manually set the position in techstream. However, as soon as you press the reset button under the dash, you'll loose the tire pressure readout until you reset it in techstream.

In techstream, the status will be stuck on "judging".


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Per a few of the above, I rotate the tires and do nothing with TPMS. I have had 3 or 4 of them replaced when the batteries
go bad. I recently found out that the spare has TPMS, too. That was embarassing.