Passenger Water leak - Not A/C related

Discussion in '2016 + Toyota Tacoma' started by powerhouse21, Sep 16, 2021.

  1. powerhouse21

    powerhouse21 New Member

    Hoping somebody out there has the answer or at least an idea to help me out. I have a 2018 Tacoma and I've got water leaking into the passenger area. I just had the cowl replaced by Toyota and still water leaks in. I've had the a/c drain behind the firewall checked and that isn't it either. It's happening when it rains outside. I've noticed water on the right panel (closest to door) and even on some of the wiring which makes me think it's coming in from a bad door seal/plug somehow. Anybody have this issue or any idea where to look specifically?
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  3. OR17TRD

    OR17TRD Well-Known Member

    Is it still under warranty?
    Do you have a sunroof?
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  4. Jersey Black Beauty

    Jersey Black Beauty Well-Known Member

    Or’s got good questions’ if not. … sit inside and have someone run a Garden hose over it and track it down…..
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  5. bonifacio

    bonifacio Member

    Have in-channel vent visors?
  6. Cape taco

    Cape taco Well-Known Member

    My sunroof drains were plugged and i use a 6ft piece of 12 gauge wire and sbaked it through the drains in the front corners of the sunroof trough when its open all the way u can poke ur head up and see if they are blocked. Mine leaked on passanger side and then smelled like catpee after a few days.nasty
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