Prepping for Baja question

Joe Williams

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I've got a 2017 TRD 4x4 with all the fancy do-dads like crawl control etc. (which I've never used). It's pretty much stock. The only thing I've added is a bed cover. I'm in the process of building a house in Baja just south of San Felipe. It's desert all around. I'm wondering what mods I should consider for my truck to make it a good desert and beach crawler. Not looking to totally trick-out the truck, just make it good an reliable for the terrain. I'm especially interested in tires and wheels. I would appreciate any advice.
Also, I lug my 100lb lab in the bed of this truck. I've been considering adding a cover to give him some shade in the summer. I want the sides to be open for easy access. I've though about some sort of rack that would let me add a canvas top. I'm wondering if anyone knows of such a setup aftermarket, or am I on my own. I can weld, but not well.


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I'm no desert expert since I live in the south but it sounds like you should have plenty of filters on hand to change more often.


Air down the tires in the sand and have a few spare filters, extra jack, extra spare tire, couple radios. My dog rides in the cab.

I would think about a used side by side for a desert toy or a raptor if you want to run a truck.


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Suggest shortening the maintenance intervals too. The environment will be dusty and abrasive.

Also, go through the Owner's Manual to play with all the gadgets so you will understand how they operate.

Don Drake

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Get a copy of the Jeep Bible by Granville King. You will learn things you never had a clue existed. He lived in Baja for years.