Time to start.


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Need to clean up the home, finish washing dishes.

Prepping for tonight's supper.

Pork chop, sweet potato, veggies. Finish with home-made chocolate cake and ice cold 2%.
Sounds good. My rocket fuel Spanish rice, and ground beef went over so well, I made another batch, tweaking it with 1 more fresh tomato, and 1 less jalapeño pepper. All else I kept the same. Going to cook a turkey tomorrow, it'll go well with the apple slab pie I made yesterday for desert with ice cream....if there's any left by then.....sob, I forgot to buy the cranberry sauce. Gotta drive back into town, and pick some up.
No, only in the deep frier which is awesome. I even make my own smoked turkey sausage thats killer. I eat a lot of chicken that goes on the rotisserie, or grill it. Its all good eats.
Try a turkey on the rotisserie. Keep the temp around 325 F. Same cook time as in the oven. Baste with butter last 1/2 hour. No stuffing.

Careful with the deep fryer.
I only do turkey in the deep fryer outside, Otherwise its a mess to cleanup with oil spitting everywhere.