Discussion in 'Maintenance' started by donkhunt, Dec 8, 2016.

  1. JayQQ97

    JayQQ97 Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you are at ground zero rust belt :(
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  3. tacojoel

    tacojoel Well-Known Member

    We get as rusty as anyone. We love our salt, and brine in the northeast.:eek:
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  4. JayQQ97

    JayQQ97 Well-Known Member

    here is a quote from elsewhere...

    "The rust belt out east is unforgiving"

    for me that is like eastern Iowa on the Mississippi LOL LOL
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  5. tacojoel

    tacojoel Well-Known Member

    Rusts never rests around here. I've never been to iowa. I recently bought a trailer from aluma that manufacture's them there....its made of mostly aluminum except for the torsion axle, and wheels. Been as far west as michigan, its gets rusty there to.
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  6. JayQQ97

    JayQQ97 Well-Known Member

    from my rudimentary understanding the closer to the great lakes you get the worse it gets, because there is always a fine mist of freeze in the air since the lakes don't freeze over and continue to evaporate the large bodies of water
  7. tacojoel

    tacojoel Well-Known Member

    Couldn't say...only been there in mid summer to run their national enduro the jack pine. They have nasty woods just like here in the northeast.
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  8. JayQQ97

    JayQQ97 Well-Known Member

    i feel the urge to Test this cosmoline for preventing any rust on the most exotic of Toyota frame metal
    shave the crap pee-coating off (test section) to the naked silvery metal and cosmoline cover it with the amber and run it a winter and see if anything gets under to flash rust
  9. JayQQ97

    JayQQ97 Well-Known Member

    this is very intriguing...
    is it worthy of a long road trip east on US-6

  10. tacojoel

    tacojoel Well-Known Member

    Idk, the frame replacement sections look pretty cheesy to me. Toyota replaces the entire frame on the tundra's, and tacoma's when their that bad. Unless your able to coat the insides of these frames, they will rust through starting from there.

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