1995 Tacoma

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    I have 1995 Toyota Tacoma. It's a 2wd, 2.4l 4 cylinder, ext cab. I have 390,000 miles with original engine and tranny. It's been very well taken care of and still runs and drive great (needs some exhaust work, which I'm getting ready to do)
    I know the time will come when the mileage will catch up with me. The body and frame are in such good shape that I will put an engine and tranny in it.
    Will the 2.7l 4 cylinder or a V6 go in the truck without major modification.
    I put a V8 in a 1948 chef by just welding new motor mounts in, and changing the transmission and transmission cross member. Took me a couple weeks but wasn't a bad job to do.
    I just want to keep this Tacoma going. It's kind of sentimental, I've had the truck before I had a wife or kids.

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