Auto Trans Dip Stick

Discussion in 'Maintenance' started by shamuspi, May 11, 2018.

  1. shamuspi

    shamuspi New Member

    Re: 2017 SR Access Cab, 2.7l 4-cyl, 6 speed auto trans. Even with 2 others they/I are unable to find a dip-stick to check the ATF level. If there is one...where the heck is it?
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  3. whippersnapper02

    whippersnapper02 Negative Nancy

    Toyota did away with the dipstick on the 2nd gen V6 but left it for the 4 banger. This may have changed for the 3rd gen 4 banger. If so it is a check plug on the bottom of the pan and it has to be done at a certain temp.
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  4. OR17TRD

    OR17TRD Well-Known Member

    They should all have one. IMO. SMH
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  5. whippersnapper02

    whippersnapper02 Negative Nancy

    No because my RPMs go up when I turn the steering wheel.
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  6. OR17TRD

    OR17TRD Well-Known Member

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  7. whippersnapper02

    whippersnapper02 Negative Nancy

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  8. Crawdad

    Crawdad Well-Known Member

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  9. whippersnapper02

    whippersnapper02 Negative Nancy

  10. B-Man

    B-Man Well-Known Member

    If your RPMs keep going up you might need different size tires to counter the ya go......... tire sizes.jpg
  11. Bogunn

    Bogunn Well-Known Member

    Yours does that too! I’m glad I’m not alone. I thought my truck was broken.
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  12. cranito4to

    cranito4to Well-Known Member

    He need to put a snorkel, that way the engine can breath in and out. You know like the CPAP machine for sleep apnea, eventually it will stop the snoring.
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  13. B-Man

    B-Man Well-Known Member

  14. Bogunn

    Bogunn Well-Known Member

    Haha. That’s a new way to look at it. Tacoma CPAP.
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