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Discussion in 'General Tacoma Discussion' started by paughms, May 9, 2019.

  1. paughms

    paughms Well-Known Member

    If you've had a dashcam for awhile and are completely satisfied, what do you have? I live in FL and wish something would operate in the heat to keep an eye out while I'm working.
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  3. John dev

    John dev Well-Known Member

    I live in hawaii im also interested in one of two of those
  4. Scott Wyman

    Scott Wyman Well-Known Member

    I've been researching these. If you want top notch, monitored, camera service, check out They are a little pricey, but depending on where you live and your situation it may be worth it.
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  5. Richard Ray

    Richard Ray New Member

    Greeting's - I've had a "Dash Cam" now for about 2 years. I have the Garmin Dash Cam 35. Pretty much bought one when they first hit the market. I did a lot of research before buying it. I have to say the Garmin has never let me down. Always on when driving, good quality picture during the day and night driving. If you bump the vehicle it will turn on an start recording. It comes with everything you need, but I did purchase an aftermarket mount, so I can turn and position the camera at a better angle. It also allows you to buy a faster and larger memory disc, to allow for longer recording times and more storage space. You can also take the camera out of the vehicle in case you need to snap a few pictures on an incident. I to live in Florida and the heat has never bothered the camera. I leave it in the car and attached to my windshield, with no issues. It does not record your audio while you talk in your car if your worried about privacy. Also if your driving and you see something that just happened, you can reach up and hit save and it will save the incident. It also alerts you to school zones, Red light traffic cams, and can also be set to let you know if your following someone to closely. Makes me feel a little safer knowing that its recording with all the crazy drivers out there. Hope this helps - Rich
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  6. OP

    paughms Well-Known Member

  7. whippersnapper02

    whippersnapper02 Negative Nancy

    Had Thinkware and new Blackvue. The first TW died early but it was a used camera. I bought a second TW and it died in about 2 years right before someone ran their red and totaled my Tacoma. . There's an internal button cell battery like a PC that died out. I tried to replace it but no luck. I haven't installed the BV 900 in my 4Runner yet. I have been lazy.
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  8. SomeDirtyCuban

    SomeDirtyCuban Well-Known Member

    I use this one, I bought it used from a guy from work for $20 bucks. What it claims it does is pretty sweet and I’d say is worth $70 new.

    Sometimes when I forget things in my truck as soon as I open my door it starts recording.

    Also has a motion detector for when I’m away from my vehicle for a period of time. Which I think is great.

    I say claim because I haven’t tested any of it nor even connected it to a computer to see if it’s even working as it claims. I’ll probably connect it tonight to see what it’s up to and update from there.
  9. OP

    paughms Well-Known Member

    Better than no camera, price good for 5 more hours... IMG_6464.jpg
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  10. fswill

    fswill New Member

  11. OP

    paughms Well-Known Member

  12. Malicious Mike

    Malicious Mike Well-Known Member

    So...I've got this friggin' expensive Blackvue on order and have been wondering about installation. I wish cars had a power source near the rearview mirrors.
  13. Malicious Mike

    Malicious Mike Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah, since I put my old cheapy dash cam in my work truck (semi) a few weeks ago, I've recorded two vehicles passing me in no passing zones, both of them ran oncoming traffic off the road, separate incidents. Also, yesterday, I recorded an idiot pulling out in front of me on a wet 55 mph road. If I would have hit him, that video would have saved my butt!
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