Best inexpensive leveling kit/lift

Discussion in 'General Tacoma Discussion' started by ecotecin, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. ecotecin

    ecotecin Well-Known Member

    Ive got a 2014 DCSB and i would like to either level it off a couple inches or lift it about 2-3 inches. What my question is, is what is the best way to do that inexpensively? I see alotta people using icon kits, and bilstien kits, but from what i can find those are upwards of 1000 dollars, thats out of my price range right now, but i would like to have a little better stance on my truck, so just looking for options to level it, or gain a couple inches without messing up anything. Please if you refer a kit, use a name, or part number or a website, dont just say use ebay, i have done that and there are several i have seen, but i wanna make sure its a good reputable one. Thanks for any help and info!!!!
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  3. whippersnapper02

    whippersnapper02 Negative Nancy

    5100s or OME.
  4. OP

    ecotecin Well-Known Member

    Hhmm, guess noone else on the board has a lift or anything, and actually both of those are very expensive, already looked at them, hence the title.
  5. Duckology14

    Duckology14 Duckology14

    5100 is actually not that expensive. You can get them online for under $400 (not 1000$) which is really cheap to give your truck a nice stance
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  6. whippersnapper02

    whippersnapper02 Negative Nancy

    $319 for the front and rear.

    You will still need a rear lift which can be a full leaf pack, AAL or a block. Try not to use a block.

    OME is just over $1000 for everything:
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  7. CFDFireman90

    CFDFireman90 Well-Known Member

    I did a 2.5" with Bilstiens all the way around with a Icon Progressive leaf pack for under $700. ImageUploadedByTaco Forum1414169033.940968.jpg

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  8. stx Ryan

    stx Ryan Well-Known Member

    If you just want 3 inches (to make room for bigger tires) use spacers on top of your shocks, and blocks under the leaf springs in the back. I paid 60 bucks for the shock spacers on ebay, and used 2in steel tubing in the back. This leveled my truck and gave me enough room for 33 in tires
  9. cllowe

    cllowe Well-Known Member

    Daystar 2.5 lift. Front is spacers with tapered block in the rear. Easy to install and still rides decent with my factory shocks and was able to get 33's on it.
  10. whippersnapper02

    whippersnapper02 Negative Nancy

    Don't use spacers OP. They can damage suspension components. It's up to you though.
  11. Taco-Maker TMMTX

    Taco-Maker TMMTX Well-Known Member

    Yeah just spend once. Get the adjustable Bilsteins. They ride very nicely. I have them on front and back of my truck. Rode on a pretty rough country road the other day and the truck just took all the bumps and dips smoothly.

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  12. OP

    ecotecin Well-Known Member

    If i do the bilsteins, should i also do a leaf pack or add-a-leaf in the back, or just use them on everything thats stockers and leave it be? I do not do any major off-roading, and will occasionally haul my rzr 900xp, besides that it will not be anything more than 800-1000 pds at one time.
  13. Taco-Maker TMMTX

    Taco-Maker TMMTX Well-Known Member

    If you're looking to just level truck I believe just the front adjustables are needed. 3" Lift will require an AAL to bring the back end up to match front added height.

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  14. OP

    ecotecin Well-Known Member

    If got the front to just level, how much should they be set at to level the front. Thats kinda all im going for, i mean i wouldnt mind having the back up like and inch, but would like the truck to be level.
  15. Taco-Maker TMMTX

    Taco-Maker TMMTX Well-Known Member

  16. RescueDog

    RescueDog Well-Known Member

    Your truck is beautiful!
  17. RockyMtnRob

    RockyMtnRob Active Member

    Bilstein 5100 @ 2.5" lift setting with 1.5" rear block lift on Mastercraft MXT 285/70/17's. ImageUploadedByTaco Forum1416099558.039774.jpg ImageUploadedByTaco Forum1416099574.824980.jpg ImageUploadedByTaco Forum1416099586.458671.jpg ImageUploadedByTaco Forum1416099598.993114.jpg
  18. TacomaBob

    TacomaBob New Member

    My truck is a 2007 4x4 Tacoma Double Cab/Short bed - a couple years ago I got a 4th leaf spring added to both sets of springs on the rear end. Got it for free under a Toyota technical Service Bulletin (not a recall) and all I had to do was go in and say that I was not experiencing the payload capability I had expected. That helped some, with the rear end sag that's so common in Toyota trucks and 4Runners. The next thing I added was an Air Lift brand set of rubber suspension air bags. No drilling required, easy to install, manual inflation with a bicycle pump ( I carry a small bike-frame mount style hand air pump in the truck). The set cost about $200 and gave me what I needed: improved profile and stiffer read end performance. I don't do off road Baja activities and I don't consider this a lift kit. It was just a ride and payload improvement goal. It worked.
  19. David villanueva

    David villanueva New Member

  20. sctaco94

    sctaco94 Well-Known Member

    ImageUploadedByTaco Forum1455223709.473575.jpg ImageUploadedByTaco Forum1455223735.509574.jpg ImageUploadedByTaco Forum1455223764.162914.jpg

    3" ready lift suspension lift.
  21. Mike991GTS

    Mike991GTS Well-Known Member

    3" is sweet, just enough and not too little. This 6" lift is too much ImageUploadedByTaco Forum1455314022.634367.jpg

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