Did they make a double cab 2.7 manual transmission?

Discussion in '2016 + Toyota Tacoma' started by Lwszabo, Jan 5, 2019.

  1. Lwszabo

    Lwszabo Member

    Just curious if they ever made a 3rd gen double cab 2.7 manual transmission. I’ve searched and can find access cab but not double. Just curious!
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  3. steeltoe

    steeltoe Member

    Nope . To much weight for a 4 cylinder . Was told by a birdie
  4. OP

    Lwszabo Member

    Seems odd the weight mattered to the trans. Seems like the manual would stand up better to the weight anyway.
  5. oconnor

    oconnor Active Member

    Pretty sure someone on TW said they had one...

    EDIT: It's an AT. That has to be a hippo.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2019
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  6. OP

    Lwszabo Member

    I have a double cab 2.7 automatic and it’s fine. I’ve owned a v6 Tacoma, several v8 sports cars, and several Ducati suprbikes and don’t think my truck lacks at all.
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  7. whippersnapper02

    whippersnapper02 Negative Nancy

    For one year they made a 4 banger 4Runner. It was a complete failure. :D
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  8. OP

    Lwszabo Member

    My wife has a highlander with the 2.7 however it’s the “other” version with 185 HP. Absolutely amazing engine and moves that vehicle great! I would love that version in the Tacoma and always wonder why it isn’t!
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  9. OR17TRD

    OR17TRD Well-Known Member

    Avatar? o_O
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