Grill Swap/Grill Shell change?

Discussion in '2005 - 2015 Toyota Tacoma' started by TacoShel, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. TacoShel

    TacoShel Member

    Hey all I am not exactly sure what I am trying to say here, but I will do the best I can with a description and pictures. So two things.
    1st: So I have a 2014 Tacoma. I have a chrome(yuck!) grill shell(See first picture of my truck), like the portion around my actual grill. Now I am no fan of chrome, or fake chrome that is. So what is the best way to change that part with out with the exact color match to my truck?
    2nd: I would like to also put in a black mesh grill (See second picture, not my truck) So my question is how do I go about doing both these things that make it look clean and color matches while also ballin on a budget?
    Anyone have experience with this?
    I can be pretty handy at times if some one can explain kinda step by step how to do it if anyone has done it before or has experience.
    IMG_2974.JPG fullsizeoutput_30b9.jpeg
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  3. Bojangles

    Bojangles Well-Known Member

    Buy a color matched grill off eBay
    Buy grillcraft mesh kit

    Cut the middle horizontal bars out, follow included step by step directions with pictures on the grillcraft website.

    Step back, admire
  4. Bojangles

    Bojangles Well-Known Member

  5. Bojangles

    Bojangles Well-Known Member

    It's not hard
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  6. OP

    TacoShel Member

  7. Bojangles

    Bojangles Well-Known Member

    U could scuff up the chrome on yours, use self etching primer, spray it with duplicolor brand spray paint (look up your paint code), and then use a clear coat over the paint. I did that once, and one second in front of the pressure washer it blew the paint off and I had a spot of bare primer :(

    You're welcome :cool:
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  8. kp.taco

    kp.taco Well-Known Member

    ^^^^yup.. 20180523_165011.jpeg
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  9. Bojangles

    Bojangles Well-Known Member

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  10. TacoBOB77

    TacoBOB77 Well-Known Member

    That's hilarious now im sure not when it happened[emoji23][emoji4]
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  11. Bojangles

    Bojangles Well-Known Member

    It did suck... But meh.
    I just went online and bought a sport grill in silver streak mica. When it came in I swapped all my grillcraft crap over, chopped up some plastic and threw the old grill away.
    Been awhile now.

    Hell this one even took an impact from a low flying hawk crossing 6 or 7 lanes of traffic while I was doing 70-75
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  12. kp.taco

    kp.taco Well-Known Member

    There was a guy here on local Craigslist had a 2011 sport grill in silver streak for $50.. I was gonna buy it just for the hell of it but it was already sold[emoji853]
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  13. Bojangles

    Bojangles Well-Known Member

    Damn good price.
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  14. kp.taco

    kp.taco Well-Known Member

    Yea it was.
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  15. OR17TRD

    OR17TRD Well-Known Member

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