How Many Miles Do You Have?

Discussion in 'General Tacoma Discussion' started by Nathan, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. jrct84

    jrct84 Well-Known Member

    I got 32,987 in my 2014 Tacoma DCSB
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  3. jrct84

    jrct84 Well-Known Member

    32,987 on my 2014 DCSB
  4. Demo Man

    Demo Man Well-Known Member

    Drop in and check on my dad while your in ME. Thanks bud. Have a lobstah for me while there to.
  5. jrct84

    jrct84 Well-Known Member

    I'm in ct
  6. silverpataco

    silverpataco Well-Known Member

    Lobstah is a definite!
  7. silverpataco

    silverpataco Well-Known Member

    Size 0 with double D's?
  8. jrct84

    jrct84 Well-Known Member

    Haha no 6"5 250 :)
  9. PinkTaco

    PinkTaco Well-Known Member

    If you plan to come to south fl let me know and we can get a couple guys togather and go wheel
  10. silverpataco

    silverpataco Well-Known Member

    Just booked a trip in September to Jacksonville/St Augustine area. Looking for land to build a house on next year. Flying rental car no taco .
  11. PinkTaco

    PinkTaco Well-Known Member

    Damn, good luck its a nice area
  12. Colin White

    Colin White Active Member

    Just hit 100,000 yesterday in my 2012 Tacoma
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  13. OreoCat

    OreoCat Well-Known Member

    2006, 170k miles
  14. PinkTaco

    PinkTaco Well-Known Member

    2005 100,000
  15. sharpetaco

    sharpetaco Member

    Just sold my 2002 prerunner with 175,000 miles and bought a 2016 TRD Sport double cab. Hope to have it for 20 years or give it to my kid in 15. Old truck ran like a champ. Hated to give it up, but the look and features on the new ones made it easy. It is nice to have power windows. :)
  16. Demo Man

    Demo Man Well-Known Member

    Just hit 60k on my 2012.
  17. mikcas13

    mikcas13 Active Member

    I have 62,500 on my 2013. It had about 58k on it when I bought it.
  18. WEX

    WEX Well-Known Member

    Up to 12,500 on the 2016. Ugh.

    16' TRD Off Road DCLB Inferno
  19. BigMau

    BigMau Well-Known Member

    Up to 166,100 on my 2009 Tacoma 2.7l 4x4.
  20. slowpoke

    slowpoke Well-Known Member

    95k ish.

  21. Raiter

    Raiter New Member

    2008- 42,000

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