How Many Miles Do You Have?

Discussion in 'General Tacoma Discussion' started by Nathan, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. benny68

    benny68 New Member

    1yr old
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  3. ALfwlmth

    ALfwlmth Member

    2009 Double Cab Sport 4x4 @ 223,584
  4. 7SeasTaco

    7SeasTaco Member

    2015 DCLB 4X4 TRD Sport: Broke the 40,000 on my way home today.
  5. mikcas13

    mikcas13 Active Member

    2013 DCSB 73,758. Hoping to keep it until it hits 250,000.
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  6. Ranger481V

    Ranger481V Member

    2015 Double Cab TRD Off Road with just over 10,000. Bought new in August 2015. This has to be in the running for the least amount of mileage for a 2015! The dirt and woods are real close to the house!
  7. longshore

    longshore Well-Known Member

    I have a 2013 DCSB with less than 13,000 on the clock. It will sit in the garage most of the time till I retire. It will be paid off next year.
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  8. BigMau

    BigMau Well-Known Member

    I'm at 182,000 miles (currently) on my 09 Tacoma (4cyl. 5 sp MT 4x4). I have been putting 30k a year on this truck!! I'll have mine paid off next year... Just worried about frame rust and crappy dealer service:(( Both killed my 2002 Tundra SR5.
  9. Ruby

    Ruby Member

    2017 TRD pro. Just passed 200 miles. :)
  10. teskicks

    teskicks Active Member

    2005 - 203,000
  11. PacoTheTaco

    PacoTheTaco Well-Known Member

    2007 - 101,000
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  12. Mountain guy

    Mountain guy New Member

    2007. 201k miles
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  13. digger

    digger Active Member

    2001 3.4. w/ 219,000 and counting
  14. Ranger481V

    Ranger481V Member

    Just got back from Alabama for the holidays. 11,980 miles, probably will go over 12,000 today. Need to put it in the garage for a rest!! 2015 Double Cab TRD Off Road. Daughter got me a "Bully Bar" for Christmas. Really looks good, now I need the light kit for the bar!!
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  15. nibster11111

    nibster11111 Member

    2001 quad cab TRD - 202000
  16. Hude001

    Hude001 Member

    2002 2.7L xtra cab 213000 miles and counting....
  17. HapaOhio

    HapaOhio Member

    2013- 79,339
  18. mdcmn7

    mdcmn7 Active Member

    '14 with 45k

    My 12 had 20 before I crashed it
  19. markdobie

    markdobie Active Member

    What kind of mpg do you get?
  20. Ranger481V

    Ranger481V Member

    It was loaded for the trip to Alabama and got 20mpg on the highway. That's been pretty steady mileage on the highway. Normally 18 mpg in town.
  21. CPT AWESOME509

    CPT AWESOME509 New Member

    09' Tacoma SR5. 88500miles.
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