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    Ignition key cylinder has given up the ship . All was fine then as classic as can be I was 250 miles from home at the beach full family aboard - Time to go home - Hmmm crap the key wont turn . Jiggle it ,nope . relieve pressure from steering wheel , nope . thoughts run thru my mind - THIS IS BIG !! - A sensor key ,
    I can't just temporary bust cylinder .
    Of all things I had a small weight ( barbell) in truck so I used it like a mallet and tapped and turned same time very light tap & it worked , car started , As curiosity killed the cat I did later on see if key situation corrected it self and found my self praying ... Please God one more time let the key turn as I tap it . And it worked one more time , I got home .
    I don't dare remove key till I fix it .
    It appears to be a $700 fix
    $215 for cylinder , the rest is labor with computer syncing of 2 keys .
    At this point I wish I could buy the $108 lock cylinder & convert to a good old fashion key .
    Can the computer be reprogrammed for a standard key .
    Naturally Rock auto I can save $50
    Seems that - An Immobilizer or No Immobilizer was offered in 2008

    STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS US430L {#6905704020, 690570C030, 6905752530}
    Inter motor w/o Immobilizer
    STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS US383L {#6905704030, MR566185, US332L}
    Inter motor w/ Immobilizer
    I am not fancy , I'd be happy with no steering lock and a radio shack button .

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