k&n drop in filter

Discussion in 'Maintenance' started by jyles1988, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. jyles1988

    jyles1988 New Member

    i am new to the group so im not sure if its been asked.

    i m thinking about taking the secondary filter out and putting in a k&n drop in filter pros and cons
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  3. whippersnapper02

    whippersnapper02 Negative Nancy

    Pros: Nothing
    Cons: Cost
  4. rec2570

    rec2570 Well-Known Member

    I did exactly that. Took out the charcoal filter and dropped in k&n. No difference in performance or milage. I wouldn't do it again. It did come with some sweet stickers. If that's what you after you can have mine
  5. OP

    jyles1988 New Member

    ok thank yall
  6. Mjp2

    Mjp2 Well-Known Member

    Pros..... nothing (using an afe prodry filter may give u the benefit of it being reusable without the maf/oil issues of the k&n.

    Cons.... u removed 2 filters that have zero effect on your performance and mileage.
    If k&n, u just bought a filter that may or may not foul maf sensors (u have the ppl who say they do and ppl who say they dont).

    Id say leave it alone, or if u must tinker, use the afe pro dry.

    If this is a 4.0 1grfe, the engine has been dynoed with stock filter, and then with no secondary filter and showed zero gain.

    Same truck same day same conditions was also dynoed with absolutely ZERO air filters installled.

    Zero changes other than the normal dyno variances that occur on every vehicle even back to back.

    Save ur time, drive it.
  7. lowpockets

    lowpockets Member

    K&Ns shure sound good while passing slowpokes
  8. whippersnapper02

    whippersnapper02 Negative Nancy

    Not as good as:

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  9. Mjp2

    Mjp2 Well-Known Member

    Ill give ya 4 cars
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  10. DesertTan16

    DesertTan16 Well-Known Member

    Paper filters are the best filters leave the k&n alone.
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  11. DesertTan16

    DesertTan16 Well-Known Member

    They do make a tough oil filter tho
  12. Mjp2

    Mjp2 Well-Known Member

    What makes it better than oem?
    Curious is all.

    I get oil filters for 5 bucks each all day at the dealership
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  13. BigMau

    BigMau Well-Known Member

    The oil filters look well made. However, the oil on the air filter can screw-up MAF sensors. You have to be very careful cleaning and re-oiling them. Honestly, I'll stick with paper OEM filters
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  14. DesertTan16

    DesertTan16 Well-Known Member

    Well mjp2 the reason that makes the k&n oil filter better is they're tough they're hard to puncture. But most of all they're easy to remove due to the nut weld at the bottom. Other than that Mobil 1 filter, but you loose the ease of the nut welded to the bottom.
  15. Mjp2

    Mjp2 Well-Known Member

    So someone with a 2nd gen tacoma v6 and tow package (filters up top gaurded by a few heat exchangers, the grill, and a fan ) is paying 3 times the cost for a one time use nut?

    Thank you for solidifying oem filters in my case.
  16. tacoma#12

    tacoma#12 New Member

    no k&n is no god i put 1 in my truck the god part is that i just have to clean the air filter
  17. DesertTan16

    DesertTan16 Well-Known Member

    I got my drop in filter. The k&n website has stated that they did numerous test on many vehicles to see if it damaged mass air flow sensors, seems as if there were no issues. I believe if you over oil the filter then it's on you. You only need a little red slightly pink not maroon. I love my filter.
  18. DesertTan16

    DesertTan16 Well-Known Member

    They also make a cabin air filter. So far I got the oil filter, air filter, next cabin air filter.
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  19. DesertTan16

    DesertTan16 Well-Known Member

    Your welcome. I love my k&n oil filter. I buy the best because I change my oil twice a year. Every 6k miles.
  20. Mjp2

    Mjp2 Well-Known Member

    They dont even know how to oil their own air filters lmao.
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  21. whippersnapper02

    whippersnapper02 Negative Nancy

    Seriously have seen them dripping out of the box.
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