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    I'm new to this forum. I just sold my '14 Tacoma limited and removed my stereo components. They are as follows in perfect working condition:

    (3) JL Audio tw3 10" subwoofers in a custom box
    (4) JL Audio c5-650 component speakers
    (1) JL Audio xd400/4 amplifier
    (1) JL Audio hd750/1 amplifier.

    I would like to sell my stereo components. Asking $2,000.00 for everything plus shipping. I paid over $3,400.00 for it all 9 months ago. So if someone is looking for a stereo that you can hear from 2 blocks away that is CRYSTAL CLEAR, please get a hold of me. Box fits super snug, no need to bolt it in. If you message or email me, I can send you some photos. For some reason it won't upload the photos through this forum.

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