MORE/SNORE KC Midnight Special 2013

Discussion in 'California' started by DEZERTDUCK, Aug 22, 2013.


    DEZERTDUCK Owner Engage Off Road

    well the next MORE race is coming up fast, its the MORE/SNORE KC Midnight Special, this is the biggest night race of the year, everyone must be carefull and please stay off the "Live Race Course"....BLM, MORE and SNORE will be out making sure everyone follows the rules, are the new rules for Racers and Spectators, so make sure you know them and abide by them, because of these new rules NO Spectators will be allowed anywhere near our Pits that Choose to Drink alchohol. Everyone please be safe and see you guys at the Race!....Engage

    "BECAUSE M.O.R.E HAS BEEN PUT ON PROBATION by the BLM and can possible lose our permits.

    We are now required to have a Pit Boss in all Pits.

    Rules are
    1. Pit Boss may be Anyone over age 21. May not work on Vehicle.
    2. Must attend drivers meeting with Driver or Co Driver.
    3. You are required to see that all Pit rules are followed.

    SOME OF THE RULES, More will be added as we go along.

    a. No one in pit without arm band on their arm, not in your pocket.
    b. No alcohol in Pits.
    c. No one under age 14 in pits
    d. All crew members will stay out of staging area.
    e. Must see that spectators stay out of your pits.
    f. Must report any problem with spectators in Pits right away. it is your job to see your pit is clear at all times.

    Pit Boss will be in control of pit, failure to follow rules will be Disqualcation."

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  3. tostidos

    tostidos Well-Known Member

    Ill be there!
  4. Johnnie

    Johnnie Well-Known Member

    Had fun and what a looong day.

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