Needing New Tires Soon...

Discussion in 'General Tacoma Discussion' started by Glen Cabbage, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. Glen Cabbage

    Glen Cabbage New Member

    Hi Guys,

    I'm brand new to the forum.

    I've got a 2011 Tacoma (Double Cab, V6, 6' bed) The primary purpose of the truck is in towing the family camper (lightweight, 17' trailer).

    The stock tires on my are getting to the end of their useful life. I want to get some replacements that will add something to the looks of the vehicle, but that won't compromise the performance. I'm not into off-roading, I'm looking primarily at highway driving. Raising the vehicle doesn't interest me because it will make it harder to hitch up the trailer. But how about going wider?

    I'm thinking that a wide tire might look nice, but I'm concerned it might mess with my towing performance and/or my gas mileage? If wider isn't a problem, what do you recommend? How wide a tire would fit on my current rims and what other rims/tires are an option?

    Looking for your opinions, experience, and words of wisdom.
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  3. whippersnapper02

    whippersnapper02 Negative Nancy

    Hankook ATM 265/75/16. It's an AT tire but not too aggressive. 265/75/16 or 265/70/17 is the largest you can go on a stock Taco.

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  4. digger

    digger Active Member

    right now I have the BFG KO2's and I love them but they came with the truck and I won't be spending the Kind of money to get them again. I can also vouche for Hankooks. They wear like stone. I always pulled a long service life out of them
  5. PacoTheTaco

    PacoTheTaco Well-Known Member

    BFG KO2's are awesome, have them on my 2007. ImageUploadedByTaco Forum1483625237.141499.jpg
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  6. pskuhlm

    pskuhlm Active Member

    Will BFG KO2 275/70R16s fit without rubbing on a stock 2015 TRD Offroad double cab?
  7. Gee

    Gee Active Member

    BFG KO 2's Rock in any occasion!...also you might want to check the Firestone Destination AT's....less aggressive than the BFG's...cheaper...and an absolute quality tire
  8. digger

    digger Active Member

    I dont know about the 2015 but on my 2001 that would not rub
    I am pretty sure you can fit that without any rubbing.
  9. digger

    digger Active Member

    Just for informational purposes on different price points. I have had thes "Hercules Terra Trac R/S" before which are very reasonably priced. They are actually more aggresive looking mounted than they appear in the photo and they have a good bit of hum to them when up to cruising speeds. But they are fantastic snow tires and also do well on dirt/gravel and dry pavement. Wet pavement I would give them a middle of the road rating and they are on the soft side so alot of highway driving will wear them down. But if your on a tight budget and want something that looks good and performs decent they are worth a look.

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