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Discussion in 'General Tacoma Discussion' started by RYANDOYLE33, Feb 5, 2019.


    RYANDOYLE33 Member

    Hey guys I'm new here and was trying to find subwoofers for my 2019 Tacoma TRD Off-road any leads? IMG_20190201_144122.jpeg IMG_20190201_144103.jpeg
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  3. B-Man

    B-Man Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum and congrats on the '19
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  4. texasred

    texasred Well-Known Member

    I’m checking out dimensions on an Infinity Basslink SM. Spousal unit has one in her Edge and it’ll make your b@lls vibrate!
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  5. OR17TRD

    OR17TRD Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum.
    Are you wanting plug and play with a box?
    Check out OEM audio plus or taco tunes
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  6. Spiff215

    Spiff215 Active Member

  7. Scott Wyman

    Scott Wyman Well-Known Member

    Great looking truck! Welcome to the family!
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  8. Lil G

    Lil G Well-Known Member

    Welcome and congratulations on the purchase
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  9. Bogunn

    Bogunn Well-Known Member

    Welcome and congrats on the new truck
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  10. Ricks2012

    Ricks2012 Well-Known Member

    Nice looking Truck! :)

    Welcome to the Forum!!
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    DEERTAY Well-Known Member

    Welcome congratulations
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  12. B-RI

    B-RI Well-Known Member

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