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Discussion in 'Maintenance' started by Mike Markowitz, Feb 10, 2020.

  1. Joisey

    Joisey Well-Known Member

    It's a costly shame when an engine goes south once, never mind twice. I read your post twice, and you didn't mention if you machine uses injection or premix. Just wondering.
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  3. B.C.

    B.C. Well-Known Member

    Oil injection.
  4. Tape

    Tape Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I haven't checked it lately but the last time I checked who was labeling their oil it was Valvoline, pretty sure they go with lowest bidder.
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  5. B.C.

    B.C. Well-Known Member

    Last i heard as well.
    Walmart Supertech was Valvoline.
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  6. JimShep

    JimShep Well-Known Member

    Always been a valvoline guy, put alot of miles on alot of these yotas over the last 46 years .
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  7. B.C.

    B.C. Well-Known Member

    I have used a lot of Valvoline myself, other brands to, but the last few oil changes were Valvoline 5w30 in the Ram, and the cars get 10w40.
    Bikes get Diesel 15w40, or 2 stroke.
  8. HfJeff

    HfJeff Member

    My sentiments exactly. In addition to my 2019 burning a bit of oil, my wife's Subaru was burning 1 qt at 5,000 mile change intervals running Mobil 1. With only 20,000 miles on the car I felt this was unacceptable. I have 3 cars in the household that all run 0w-20. Time will tell as all of them are now running Rotella.
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  9. BigMau

    BigMau Well-Known Member

    I have used Mobil 1 before with great results. In fact, I owned a 2008 Honda FIT that I used Honda OEM oil filters and Mobil 1 Extended Performance oil.. never had any oil consumption and this car ran great.

    My wife drives a 2017 Subaru Outback and my both my sons use Castrol Edge in their Subarus with great results. No oil burn, run great and the Subarus seem to like Castrol.
    I did have a little bit of oil consumption (1/8 to 1/4 of a quart) in the 9000 mile drain interval period with my 2017 Tacoma using Mobil 1. The Rotella Gas Truck seemed to solve this problem. My local Walmart did not have Rotella a few weeks ago, so I am using Pennzoil PP in 0w-20, seems to also work great in my engine. So far, I like the synthetic oils made Shell (SOPUS).. Rotella and Pennzoil. I am sure Quaker State Syn is pretty decent??

    Once you find a quality oil... change at the factory interval and use a Toyota OEM filter/ or TRD filter with a new drain plug washer. You will be fine.

    Check this out:
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  10. RoyFlossie

    RoyFlossie New Member

    0w20 is too watery, look for 5w30
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  11. B.C.

    B.C. Well-Known Member


    That is how I feel to.
    At least 5w30, as a bare minimum.
    Several vehicles that were originally 5w20, have since had updates to their suggested oil weight to 5w30, or 10w30.
    I couldn't pour 0w anything into my vehicles.
    I think 5w ? Is like water.
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  12. Cape taco

    Cape taco Well-Known Member

    Yea but today's engines are so much tighter than days of old .I run 20w50 Castrol in my '68 327 but have to put zinc additive in it cuz the zinc clogs the cat in newer cars .I run the 5w 20 in the TACO Castrol synthetic.it seemed to quiet the motor too.
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  13. B.C.

    B.C. Well-Known Member

    I still don't have big enough balls to try it!
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  14. B.C.

    B.C. Well-Known Member

    Got my oil filter in the mail today, for my new to me, used car, and they ask for it to use 0w40, but I'm going to use 5w40 in it. It is taking all the willpower I can muster, to not put 10w40 in it. In fact I still might put 10w40 oil in it. It will not be driven in cold weather, and just can't run that watery crap.
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  15. TacoTruck2019

    TacoTruck2019 Well-Known Member

    I've used Amsoil exclusively for years but have been considering a change for some time now. Not because of the oil itself, just because of the price. Well, I finally did it, my last oil change I put pennzoil ultra platinum in my taco and platinum in my wife's van. So far both vehicles are doing great. $24 for ultra platinum and $21 for platinum for a 5 quart bottle is a whole lot cheaper than $40 a gallon for Amsoil. Time will tell but so far no reason to look back.
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