Other Toyotas You Own (or Owned)

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Nathan, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. deepblue

    deepblue Horsepower Junkie

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  3. Jared424

    Jared424 Active Member

    Had an 04 tacoma sr5 TRD 4x4 ImageUploadedByTaco Forum1375930994.148417.jpg
  4. TacoWilly

    TacoWilly Well-Known Member

    I've had five
    74' Corona
    84' LE Van
    94' Tacoma extra cab
    08' Corolla XRS
    12'. Tacoma TRD 4x4

    And I really enjoyed each one of them
  5. KennyF

    KennyF Well-Known Member

    My ex drove a 1987 Toyota Tercel. It went through the snow like a 4x4.
  6. StringTones

    StringTones Well-Known Member

    My first Toyota was a Hi-Lux I had in the late 70's early 80's
    Next was a 1990 4Runner, best vehicle ever
    Family car time with a 1993 Camry, big car ride
    Then upgraded the 4Runner to a 2003 Tacoma TRD access cab
    My latest upgrade is my 2011 Tacoma SR5 Double Cab long bed
  7. marrone04

    marrone04 Well-Known Member

    I had and 08 camry
    Now I have a 13 camry and a 13 taco
  8. 96_TACO

    96_TACO Well-Known Member

    91 Celica 2.2 5speed non-turbo, next a 96 corolla dx 5speed, currently 96 taco Sr5 all 200,000+
  9. user458

    user458 Registered Users

    I had a 2011 tundra XSP. 4x4 big V8 engine. Silver. I trade for an Infiniti because my back was in bad shape and I didn't think I would be painting anymore. We'll low and behold I'm good to go now so I traded my Infiniti for a Tacoma. I do wish I still had that XSP. She just wouldn't get stuck. I guess I'm better off with a little smaller truck.
  10. user458

    user458 Registered Users

    I had an 85 Celica. An old friend gave it to me because he was getting too old to drive. I had for a summer. Then sold it for 200 bucks
  11. Reracker

    Reracker Active Member

    07 Matrix XR.
  12. BillK

    BillK Well-Known Member

    My wife drives a 2012 Camry Hybrid. I traded our 2007 Camry Hybrid in on my '13 AC Prerunner.
  13. TacoWilly

    TacoWilly Well-Known Member

    73 Corona; auto 1.8ltr
    84 Le Van 5 speed 2.0 ltr
    94 Tacoma Extracab 5 speed 2.4ltr
    09 XRS Corolla 2.4ltr
    12 Tacoma Access Cab. 4.0 ltr
    13 Scion FR-S. 2.0 ltr
  14. sc-taco

    sc-taco Member

    Got rid of my pos Chevy blazer in 2001 and got my first toyota. Have owned nothing but Toyotas ever since...

    2000 Solara SE. 115,000 miles
    2002 Tacoma doublecab prerunner 111,000 miles
    1998 4runner limited. 149,000 miles
    2013 Tacoma doublecab, 4x4 TRD supercharged. 5000 miles

    Currently own all four. Never plan on buying anything but Toyotas. Not a single problem with any of them.
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2013
  15. BillD

    BillD 05 4cyl4X4

    My wife owned an 82 Celica when we met.
    I had a 85 Tacoma cab attached to a 89 Tacoma box.
    <--------- Present
  16. Palladium

    Palladium Well-Known Member

    Started my Toyota life with a new 81 Toyota truck. Used it in my electrical business. Hocked it so many times to buy materials for a job I don't remember but it retained its value through out my tenure as a budding business man that I've drove little else since then. Currently own an 02 4-Runner that is my son's first car and a 13 4-Runner Limited that is my wife's and of course, my 13 Tacoma Sport 4-door. Never had a "bad" yota.
  17. Rsamani

    Rsamani Member

    76 corona (18R)
    82 corolla
    93 pick up
    89 pick up
    01 4runner
    05 lotus elise (toyota drive train)
    2014 DCSB OR 4x4
  18. 0795toyotaco

    0795toyotaco Well-Known Member

    ImageUploadedByTaco Forum1388452891.995874.jpg 1998 tacoma 2.7
    ImageUploadedByTaco Forum1388452926.198503.jpg 1990 pickup 2.4
  19. 14YOTA

    14YOTA Well-Known Member

    I had a 1989 Toyota Pickup single cab. It was 4wd 4cyl manual with a three Inch lift with 33 In bfg all terrains. Man I loved that truck.
  20. Thewarriordinghy

    Thewarriordinghy Well-Known Member

    Had a 2001 toyota echo with 290000 miles. Now i have a 2007 toyota tacoma with 52300 miles.
  21. b-rad

    b-rad Active Member

    1980 4x4 taco long bed 4-banger
    1993 4x4 taco p-u 4-banger
    2000 4x4 taco 3.4 V6 x-cab
    2013 4x4 taco DCSB 4.0 V6

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