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Discussion in 'Off-Road' started by Deisel88, Apr 24, 2015.

  1. tooter

    tooter Well-Known Member

    charming, outgoing men can be misunderstood sometimes, but this behavior can get old fast and sour a relationship over time. you and B have been around each other for a while and i'm sure she fully aware of what she's getting into. just dont mess up a good thing. a little goes along way. girls (or guys) may be cool with certain behavior before marriage. after marriage, can be a different chapter all together. especially when children come into the picture. just saying
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  3. B.C.

    B.C. Well-Known Member

    She told me to never change, she loves that at work and when needed I am super serious, but can also be like a big kid.
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  4. Cape taco

    Cape taco Well-Known Member

    My wife and I have been together since November 1st. 1979. ! Still going strong always remember she is your best friend .
  5. Cape taco

    Cape taco Well-Known Member

    My buddy told me even if you have kids which I don't , she came first.but I got 3 nephews which are my boys they practically grew up at my house now they are in their 30s.and I see 'em every week.
  6. tooter

    tooter Well-Known Member

    over 40 years is awesome and rare these days! kudos to you and Mrs. Cape.
  7. tooter

    tooter Well-Known Member

    i agree that people shouldnt have to change who they are when they get into a relationship. so pay no mind to my babble. marriage can be great for most people. im sure you and B will be just as strong and long lasting as Mr & Mrs Cape!
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  8. tooter

    tooter Well-Known Member

    good luck on you new off road toy project, M! hope you can get started on it and start posting pics soon!

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  9. Scott Wyman

    Scott Wyman Well-Known Member

    My first wife thought she could change me after we got married.

    My current, and last, wife had bo intention of changing me. It just naturally happened to both of us. We've been married for 27 years now.
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  10. B.C.

    B.C. Well-Known Member

    A woman is delusional if she thinks that she can change a man.

    T, hopefully I have it by the end of next week.
    Should be interesting to see what I bought lol
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  11. neutron7

    neutron7 New Member


    Told the wife I wanted a new bumper. I think she now knows why
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  12. spursnation2323

    spursnation2323 Well-Known Member

    She is probably going to say that it still works
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  13. 1GMike

    1GMike Well-Known Member


    Got the truck on the trail! Man, it’s good not to be in the garage. Shakedown run of 700+km, 50+km of it hard trail.
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  14. 1GMike

    1GMike Well-Known Member


    Love summer trails.
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  15. tooter

    tooter Well-Known Member

    beautiful views! dd you stay in Alberta?
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  16. 1GMike

    1GMike Well-Known Member

    Rolled into and back out of Alberta. 8 hour trail ride
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  17. tooter

    tooter Well-Known Member

    right on, that's quite the maiden voyage! she looks like awesome fun, Mike! keep on wheelin' and better keep posting pics! :)
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  18. 1GMike

    1GMike Well-Known Member


    Getting some miles on her this summer. Pretty much all trail, or to and from trail. I’m going to build a new box from aluminum, amd swap out this steel one.
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  19. Cape taco

    Cape taco Well-Known Member

    Awesome time no doubt!:)
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