Roof Rack-Yes or No

Discussion in '2016 + Toyota Tacoma' started by North Georgia Biker, Jan 8, 2016.

  1. North Georgia Biker

    North Georgia Biker New Member

    I would like to hear from owners with roof racks. Do they function well? Are they adjustable? Would you do it again?
    I haven't been able to see one up close yet.
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  3. silverpataco

    silverpataco Well-Known Member

    Yes ! What do you want to put on one?
  4. silverpataco

    silverpataco Well-Known Member

    ImageUploadedByTaco Forum1452258099.162736.jpg ImageUploadedByTaco Forum1452258141.234654.jpg
    Christmas Lights on my Thule I bought with my cap. I bought Toyota factory roof cab for snow board holders that I use for fishing rods . Thule has bike full height mountain bike holders that are high up when on my cap!
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    PEA_CUP_TRUCK Member

    I think it depends of the type of cargo you'll be carrying. But if it is only for the looks would be a waste of money.
  6. OP
    North Georgia Biker

    North Georgia Biker New Member

    Siding and trim material with the use of a hitch rack. Also canoe with use of bed and hitch rack. My JKU has no rack and I miss the use that I got from my Sequoia that is no longer a daily driver.
    Nice truck by the way. What bumpers do you have Silverpataco?
    What is the weight rating on the Taco rack?
  7. silverpataco

    silverpataco Well-Known Member

    ImageUploadedByTaco Forum1452288696.647705.jpg
    Front is ARB sprayed with Line X
    Rear is All Pro sprayed with Line X
    I think it's 150 lbs I'll look it up know!
  8. silverpataco

    silverpataco Well-Known Member

    It weighs 15 lbs. and can only support 75lbs! I only use it for fishing rods so I didn't care !
  9. buzzingtones

    buzzingtones Well-Known Member

    Mine is a Thule roof rack. It's worth the money.
  10. 05yotataco

    05yotataco Member

    If you go with any rack I would highly recommend a prinsu design rack. They look super clean and were made just for tacomas. Check them out

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  11. texastacoma

    texastacoma Well-Known Member

    That looks similar to the frontrunner racks
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  12. 05yotataco

    05yotataco Member

    Except they sit alot more flush to the cab and cheaper
  13. texastacoma

    texastacoma Well-Known Member

    Ya I looked them up, there a lot better than frontrunner in my opinion
  14. 05yotataco

    05yotataco Member

    Oh yeah!! And all the powder coating is done by me. I'll have mine soon then I'll post it.
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  15. 05yotataco

    05yotataco Member

    I was thinking that. A flat gold or glossy gold. Maybe even flat black with glossy gold flakes.
  16. bestantonio

    bestantonio Well-Known Member

  17. scott.c.wickham

    scott.c.wickham Active Member

    Prinsu is good stuff.

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  18. moto552

    moto552 Member

    Do not get a Toyota rack, the install has you remove the channel cover the replacement cover rubs the paint and does not seal good and the way it is designed the plastic literally drains any water into the channel. Not knowing if I was going to keep the rack on or not (weight limit is like 100 pounds) I did not use silicone just rubber washers and mine leaked.
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  19. Lythia

    Lythia New Member

    Does anyone have a picture of their 2016-2017 Tacoma with the Thule rack? I have a Thule rack with square bars and kayak/board attachments but will have to purchase new feet and fit kit ($300+). Before purchasing I would like feedback on this system if anyone here has one installed.
  20. Greg K

    Greg K Member

    What make and model# on your truck topper/shell? Looks very nice!
  21. Let's_Taco_Bout_it

    Let's_Taco_Bout_it New Member

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