Sacto area: Nerf bars / 6 lug wheels

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    To anyone in the Sacto area... When I bought my Taco OR in '05, I (like an idiot) purchased nerf bars from the dealer. Those bars were removed last week and are available. No dents, no major scratches; road facing side does have some road grime, but prelim cleaning with Simple Green removed it. So, a little Simple Green, and Back to Black for the plastic pads, and they should be good to go.

    Also available are a set of stock 6 lug wheels. Cleaned outside facing side, but not inside facing (so the inside LOOKS like a 13 year old wheel would). Wheels were never curbed that I'm aware of, and only show minor wear.

    Free to good home, as they take up space, and I'm not down for simply chucking them.

    EDIT: items are gone.
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