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Discussion in '2016 + Toyota Tacoma' started by WestTaco, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. WestTaco

    WestTaco Member

    So the seats in the new tacos fuckin stain so easy. Like water stains. I'm just curious, any of you guys got a decent seat cover for a fair price? If so where do you order them?

    Thanks in advance
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  3. Bogunn

    Bogunn Well-Known Member

  4. jason.luster.50

    jason.luster.50 Active Member

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  5. jason.luster.50

    jason.luster.50 Active Member

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  6. Beltzerator

    Beltzerator Member

    The Wet Okole are amazing, but pricy. I love mine though and will likely never drive another truck without them.
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  7. wholgn

    wholgn Member

    I've read that for wet okole you have to take the stock fabric off. It's not really a cover but a replacement. Is that true?
  8. Killowatt

    Killowatt Member

    No they just slip over, clazzio you have to though
  9. Taco Dude

    Taco Dude New Member

    I put a set of Carhart seat covers on my 2017, a bit pricy but I plan on keeping this ride. Available on Amazon or other online suppliers. They fit perfectly first try.
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  10. mrproduxn

    mrproduxn Well-Known Member

    I was amazed when I first saw Clazzio leather seat covers on TW. Felt like I had been living under a rock. I have said it before. These are the best mod for the money hands down. Truck just feels more classy now. My access cab covers were $274. Had them 20 months now. Awesome covers. Go to
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  11. Steepside

    Steepside Member

    Hi, any pictures?
  12. mrproduxn

    mrproduxn Well-Known Member

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  13. scott.c.wickham

    scott.c.wickham Active Member

    I have the Carhartt ones too, very hard wearing.
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