SR5 Stock tires

Discussion in 'Off-Road' started by ferball, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. ferball

    ferball Member

    I am planning to go off road exploring in a few weeks. Not planning on mudding or crawling just logging trails, access roads, forgotten New England back roads, that sort of stuff. I am still running my stock tires I figure the have another 10k in them before I need to replace them at which point I will get something made for getting lost in the woods, but in the mean time is there any reason I should be overly concerned about my stock tires performance on the trail? It's an SR5 not a TRD. I can find plenty of info praising the stock config down to the tires if the TRD, not found anything in the SR and I was pretty sure the tires/wheels were different enough between the two to merit the inquiry.
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  3. Crawdad

    Crawdad Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't be concerned at all but, out of curiosity, what tires come on the SR5?
  4. bryangreene

    bryangreene Active Member

    If you upgrade wheels, you can easily go with a wider tire…but if you go ... I have a Toyota Tacoma 2005 Double Cab TRD SR5'
  5. OP

    ferball Member

    The three day over land adventure went off without a problem running straight stock. I did loose two tires to shale on the way home. A plug kit and spare got me home no problem.
  6. jmahon927

    jmahon927 Member

    I think stock SR5 comes with 245/75r16
  7. bdarnold12

    bdarnold12 Well-Known Member

    My 19 sr5 4x2 came with the 245/75r 16's. I don't know if the 4x4's come with the same size or not.

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