Discussion in 'General Tacoma Discussion' started by Tacoma fan, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. Tacoma fan

    Tacoma fan Well-Known Member

    ok forum members,here's my question:

    What brand of tires do you use on your Tacoma:drink:
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    LUSETACO Resident Cheapskate Moderator

    I'm running Hercules Trail Diggers right now. Too early to give much to report on but so far I really like them. I have also run Goodyear Duratracs. They were great all around tires that lasted for 50,000 miles with tread left to burn. Also had Yokohama Geolandars ATII's. They were meh. Were crap off road and only lasted about 25,000 before they got hard and slick. And of course the infamous Rugged Fails.....
  4. DarkShark

    DarkShark Just Another Yota

    BFG Km2 in a 255/85 Expedition style skinnies. I love the tires in all conditions no complaints at all.
  5. YotaKid

    YotaKid Teen Taco Driver

    I have 33x12.50 gt radial m/t adventuro's. they grab great in mud but not the greatest in snow
  6. AWorthyOpponent

    AWorthyOpponent Well-Known Member

    BFG All Terrains...

    Load Range D's last about 65,000 miles...For the price, they cant be beat...

  7. YotaKid

    YotaKid Teen Taco Driver

    I was considering those for my next set, along with maybe duratracs.
  8. ae111black

    ae111black Moderator Moderator

    Been running Bridgestone MT Duelers pretty good so far in all the terrain I tackle. Louder than I expected though :(
  9. YotaKid

    YotaKid Teen Taco Driver

    I must admit sometimes i wish i lived in the desert so i could have an excuse to run red letter generals. LOVE the look of those tires.
  10. ae111black

    ae111black Moderator Moderator

    Cool! That's the size I wanted to get but I couldn't find anyone here that stocks or wanted to ship this size. I wanted to get the Cooper discovery ST's
  11. OP
    Tacoma fan

    Tacoma fan Well-Known Member

    when i bought my truck they came with Firestone tires that wore out too fast went ahead and switched them out for Michelin's :thumbsup:
    they are workin out great...don't go off road driving as i only have 2 wheel drive:yes:
  12. DarkShark

    DarkShark Just Another Yota

    I got them form I believe(they are on TW). They beat anyone's price and ship for free to your door. Local shops wanted 300-400 more for these tires!
  13. TacoJoe11

    TacoJoe11 Well-Known Member

    Currently running my stock dunlop grandtrek at20's, but I want to upgrade and replace these with cooper St Maxx's. Probably going to go with the original size 245/75/16.
  14. The Fenwick

    The Fenwick Hilbilly

    Just ordered a set of Kumho 195-75-R14's for $320.00. I'd love to put some great big mud grapplers on it, but since the truck's only a 2wd, it'd be pointless. :unsure:
  15. Konaborne

    Konaborne Well-Known Member

    and mud grapplers are the second most annoying road tire, next to swampers :cookiemonster:
  16. YotaKid

    YotaKid Teen Taco Driver

    Makes me glad i didn't end up getting ssr's
  17. Konaborne

    Konaborne Well-Known Member

    your mileage does too.

    as a set of offroad-only tires, theyre awesome. both the SSR and the mud grapplers are pretty great

    but as a DD set, they're stupid loud and dont last for crap.

    Everyone runs the mud graps and swampers/boggers here just for the looks and sound. Their mileage sucks, theyre loud as *, and most of them are driving down to the indicators.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2013
  18. ae111black

    ae111black Moderator Moderator

  19. BMOC

    BMOC ɔoɯq

    general grabber red label
  20. byrd

    byrd Moderator Moderator

    Running P245/75R/16 Firestone Destination All Terrain, didn't have any problems driving in the 22 inches of snow that dumped on us a few weeks ago. Pics are posted where I drove up in the backyard after it dumped. Ran these on my PreRunner as well. Decent Tire for year round. Once I get my lift done I'll buy a 2nd set of bigger tires for romping around in the dirt.
  21. ae111black

    ae111black Moderator Moderator

    Destination AT's are excellent tires!

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