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Discussion in 'General Tacoma Discussion' started by CFDFireman90, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. CFDFireman90

    CFDFireman90 Well-Known Member

    For those hauling a travel trailer/camper with their Tacoma, what size and weight are you hauling? And,how does your Tacoma do with it? Any and all input appreciated. I am doing my research for a purchase next summer. I have a 2013 double cab with factory towing package. I am looking at campers in the 19'-21' range, weighing in around 3500-4000.

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  3. my13toy

    my13toy Member

    I have a '13 4X4 and was told it had towing but it only had the receiver and wiring (4 pin). After doing some researching I found out it was only rated at 3500 pounds towing. The only way I could tell mine doesn't have the oil and trans cooler in front of the radiator. If it has the coolers it should tow 7000 pounds.

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  4. ETA1963

    ETA1963 New Member

    I pull a Jayco 161 OctaneZX Toyhauler, dry weight is around 4,200lbs and I load it with a Polaris RZR 900. For short trips I have no problem but for trips lasting over 2hrs this is not the truck for the job. The reason 150 miles range before refueling.
    My Tacoma is a 2012 DCSB 4X4 TRD OffRoad with factory towing hardware.
  5. ETA1963

    ETA1963 New Member

  6. Deisel88

    Deisel88 Well-Known Member

  7. glhsracer

    glhsracer Member

    I decided to go the truck camper route instead, don't need a lot of room. Camper is made for mid size trucks, weighs in at 1100 pounds empty, well within payload capacity.

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  8. Aaron M.

    Aaron M. Member

    A vin# and a call to your local dealer will confirm weather or not you have a tow package. I have a 2011 4L non TRD w/factory tow package. It is rated for 6500 lb tow capacity.
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  9. Aaron M.

    Aaron M. Member

    Some RV dealers may let you hook one up to your truck and take a test drive with it, that really is the best way to get a feel as to how well it will handle. I just bought a 4300# camper and have a '11 taco with tow package, specs made me think it was well within reason. I am finding out now after a few tows that my truck might not be up to the task, worried about taking it on interstate. I have a WD hitch and anti sway, but back end of truck seems to get loose at 60mph. I am going to try to add some more cargo weight over the truck axle. Also considering trading in for 1/2 ton.
  10. JimShep

    JimShep Well-Known Member

    Try adding some air bags to level that load and tongue

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