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  1. Adam Gendron
  2. newowner2021
    Unhappy new owner
    1. newowner2021
      Our new Tacoma with just 600 miles on it has been in dealer repair shop three times already. Each time, check engine light has coded as an oxygen sensor. First time they replaced a sensor, second time they replaced the exhaust manifold. Now it's in shop again "waiting on parts" with no expected date. Thoughts, time to invoke lemon law?
      Apr 30, 2021
  3. Dr. Scott E. Van Vooren
    Dr. Scott E. Van Vooren Nathan

    We are a small ecommerce website catering to only Toyota trucks and SUV's. Is there a way we can advertise on your forum? My email is sales@toyoperformance_com. I look forward to connecting with you.

  4. 8thMan
    Retired USAF, Machinist
  5. pittssteelers
    2011 water leaking on passenger side
    1. Cape taco
      Cape taco
      Happened to my '16 had a clogged drain in the sunroof gutter on passenger side .with roof open there is a little drain hole in corner at windshield pillar chased it with a 6 ft piece of wire and cleared it.
      Mar 24, 2021
  6. BassSlinger21
    Im just a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.
  7. Jayrald
    Hi I’m planning to put 33 on my 2020 tacoma just wondering if it’s fit with no robbing and no lift
  8. Michael Schurr
    Michael Schurr
    Losing the Rubi - Rollin the Taco
  9. GarlicFarts
    Bang Ding Ow
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  10. Cape taco
    Cape taco
    From cape cod ma.
  11. Jersey Black Beauty
    Jersey Black Beauty Scott Wyman
    Hey Scott,,,JBB here,,,,ever hear from BC or Tooter???
    1. Scott Wyman
      Scott Wyman
      I text BC now and then, but havent seen either on the forum. Kind of strange they both left at about the same time.
      Dec 15, 2020
  12. Joel R.
    Joel R.
    98’ Tacoma
  13. chantze
    Got to get out, see some things.
  14. OneDog
    New guy here. My first truck is a recently purchased 2019 TRD Pro
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  15. Jersey Black Beauty
    Jersey Black Beauty tooter
    Tooter,,how’s it going?hope your ok! You haven’t signed on in awhile?
  16. Bowman
    My ball joint seems to be at a bind on my 1998 tacoma. The only thing I have don't was but shocks from my cousins truck in the front
  17. TacomaLance
    TacomaLance elchivo1971
    Any decision on the TRD shocks?
  18. Adam Smith
    Adam Smith
    Hi, all of my friends. I'm happy to join you.
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  19. Tape
    2019 OR Taco 6M
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  20. Cactuskid
    2020 TDR 4x4
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