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Sep 14, 2022
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Sep 14, 2022
    1. Form Lighting
      Form Lighting
      Hey Nathan! My name is Jordan, and I represent FORM Lighting. We are a new performance lighting company, and hoping to get set up as a vendor for the forum! Please let me know what steps we need to take. Thanks!
    2. Peterpm
      Please change my username from Peterpm to Elderpm. Thank you
    3. YotaMafia55
      How do you delete a picture in your album
    4. Dr. Scott E. Van Vooren
      Dr. Scott E. Van Vooren

      We are a small ecommerce website catering to only Toyota trucks and SUV's. Is there a way we can advertise on your forum? My email is sales@toyoperformance_com. I look forward to connecting with you.

    5. RDinNHandAZ
      OK I have had enough of the guns, politics, conspiracies, misogyny and other off topic posts here. Please remove me, my posts, and any other evidence of my mistake to think this was a Tacoma site. For those who don’t I applaud you.
      1. OR17TRD
        This forum is very mild. This is a great group of people and community. In a community you have lots of different churches, stores, neighborhoods, beliefs, personalities etc. Sorry you got your feelings hurt from reading about guns, politics and conspiracies. I don’t know about the misogyny there are plenty of females on this forum and I haven’t seen any half naked pictures or talk about grabbing them by the ...
        Apr 26, 2020
      2. OR17TRD
        Only you have the power to open a thread and read it and keep reading it. Same way you have the power to go into a church or a gun store or any business within your community. You can choose to go in and shop or drive by.
        Hope you find what you’re looking for.
        Apr 26, 2020
    6. OR17TRD
      Suggestion... Maybe clean up the spam on your forum.
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    7. MGM2018TRD4X4OROAD
      Nathan,can you correct my forum name to MGM2018TACOMATRD4X4OFFROAD.

      Thanks David
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      2. OR17TRD
        Nov 24, 2019
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    8. Ray Haefy
      Ray Haefy
      Hello Nathan. Please change my forum name to Square Dude. Thanks.
    9. thomas schiltz
      thomas schiltz
      hi nate.i have a 2017 tac sport .the rpms surge when turning the wheel making the truck lunge.anyone else have this issue?
      1. LukesDecals
        usually it will do this ever so slightly, because power steering uses some engine power, making the idle control compensate with more throttle. Ive never had a vehicle actually move more because of this. Good luck
        Mar 31, 2019
    10. Garage Tek
      Garage Tek
      Hi Nathan, my name is Greg with G Tek Fab. We have been doing wrap around door sill protectors for the 2nd gen Toyota Tundra since 2007 and the 2nd gen Tacoma since 2013. With great success. I'm interested in advertising this product on TacomaForum so if you could possibly send me some supporting vendor info it would be greatly appreciated.

      Hope to hear from you soon!

      G Tek Fab
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    11. thefrench
      hello Nathan or Nate? i saw the same thing deltarob was told so i figured to see if i could get a shirt or sticker. please get back to me. thank you.
    12. deltarob
      Hello Nathan, I was told that you could send me a Tacoma forum tshirt and sticker for my 2011 dcsb. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you
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